11th October 2014 - CONCERT - Shrewsbury Male Voice Choir

We held a Fundraising Concert on 11th October and enjoyed a great night of entertainment by the Shrewsbury Male Voice Choir.

Thank you to all the members of the choir and their accompanists for performing so beautifully and thank you to all those who attended  and seemed to enjoy the evening immensely.

Thank you to Barclays Bank for supporting us with the raffle (thank you Sheena).  We raised around £400 so thank you all!


11th July 2014 - Book Fair

Confide held it's annual Book Fair in The Square, Shrewsbury 

We sold lots of books and raised money to support our work and visitors to the stall were able to talk to counsellors about our service.


June 2014 - Confide celebrates excellent clinical outcomes

Confide is this week celebrating a strong set of clinical results for the period 2013/14 which saw 86% of clients benefit from counselling against the national benchmark of 71%.

Director Helen Scholes said ‘I am delighted to report that once again we have exceeded national averages for clinical outcomes by a significant margin. This result places us in the top quartile of primary care psychological therapy services in the UK in terms of clinical performance. The past 12 months have been exceptionally challenging for our staff following internal changes and the development of new ways of working. They have worked incredibly hard and it is very rewarding to see their dedication pay off’


Mental Health Awareness Week 12-18 May 14

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Confide has put together a guide setting out a series of handy hints and tips to help local residents ease the symptoms of one of the most common mental health problems which, according to a recent survey published by the Mental Health Foundation, affects almost 1 in 5 people who feel anxious ‘nearly all of the time’. The survey also reported that anxiety has heightened and become more widespread in recent years due to worries about money, job security, the future of public services and the threat of terrorism.

Helen Scholes Director of Confide said: “Feeling anxious is a normal emotion that we all experience and in small doses can help us respond to stressful or dangerous situations by motivating us and improving our performance. However, when anxiety becomes chronic it can develop into anxiety disorders, phobias and panic attacks which are really distressing and have a very negative impact on people’s lives. Often anxiety goes untreated and can become overwhelming. Our team of specialist counsellors understand what causes anxiety and how to develop coping strategies to deal with it, so to help people take control, we have put together a series of suggestions that could help ease the often unbearable symptoms.”

The guide, which can be downloaded in a user-friendly PDF format, provides ten helpful hints to combat the symptoms of anxiety, ranging from healthy eating and exercise, to understanding your triggers and learning relaxation techniques. It also outlines some common causes of anxiety and how to spot the signs of anxiety.

We would encourage anyone that thinks they may have persistent anxiety to visit their local GP, who will carry out a thorough assessment and may suggest treatments such as counselling, CBT or medication.”

Download the free guide  Self Help Tips for Anxiety