Health Professionals


NHS Contracts

We have a contract with the National Health Service under which GPs in Shropshire can refer patients to us for short-term counselling. We are able to offer day-time and evening appointments.

We have strong links with other health and social care support services in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. In addition to counselling we may also offer patients a range of interventions such as signposting to wellbeing courses, support groups, specialist services and guided self-help.

The service is fully managed with procedures in place to ensure that waiting times are kept to a minimum and that resources are used efficiently. We report the individual clinical outcomes of all referrals to the referring GP.

We routinely evaluate our overall clinical outcomes. 

GP Surgery In-House Services

We provide managed counselling services to individual GP practices. This type of service improves communication between counsellors, GPs and surgery staff which in turn enhances the service to patients. It is often preferred by patients who can easily access the surgery and feel more comfortable there. Management of bookings and the waiting list is undertaken by the counsellors thus reducing the work for administrative staff. Regular reviews of the service are held to monitor the service and address any issues that arise.

The service can be contracted either annually or on a short-term basis to provide temporary cover (similar to locum GPs).